• Field trip and gastronomic discovery
    EHL’s immediate surroundings are second to none when it comes to viticulture and food culture, and this program will take you on a journey that will tap into all five of your senses. You’ll dine at a three-star Michelin restaurant, travel through the Lavaux region’s vineyards — a UNESCO World Heritage site — visit the Gruyère region, the epicenter of Swiss cheese, and tour a Swiss chocolate factory.
  • Oenology and food-wine pairing    
    You’ll expand your knowledge of wine and other beverages during this course. The school’s cellar is home to an impressive international collection of wines and spirits. You’ll participate in tastings and improve your knowledge about product selection with respect to alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages.
  • Elective boot camps: Entrepreneurship and Business Plan + Food and Beverage Management
    In this module, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of both areas of specialization. You will acquire strategic management skills and further your culinary knowledge.
  • Design and operate a luxury event
    Over the course of this program, you and your classmates will assemble an unforgettable luxury event and handle the operations from A to Z. You’ll be part of one of the major groups involved in the event, such as human resources, finance, food and beverage, marketing or communications, and your team will ensure the successful execution of the event
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