• Inside Food Preparation   
    Students discover the importance of the initial steps of food preparation. They handle products ranging from basic raw goods to the most exclusive, rare and expensive varieties with diverse origins. Notions such as quality labels, sourcing, and KPI’s are introduced in the workshop.
  • Bakery & Dessert Creation & Production      
    Students are overseen by two Meilleurs Ouvriers de France, and move between the pastry kitchen and the bakery, learning the creative house recipes and working in teams. From the mouth-watering traditional French croissant to a modern take on the apple pie, there is no shortage of delicious sweet delicacies prepared at EHL to keep students fully intrigued.
  • Delicatessen & Sweet Boutiques 
    Throughout this one week workshop, both savory and sweet exquisite goods are prepared. Students plan, prepare, pack and distribute their creations to the in-house boutique. They are immersed in the universe of fine delicatessens and high-standard boutiques, becoming proficient in the operations of such retail outlets.
  • Operating a Food Court and Themed Restaurants
    The school operates a wide array of sales points on campus and serves approximately 2500 meals per day; however, there is no lack of variety of the food offer on campus. Students learn the key points of operating a large scale food outlet, such as a quick service restaurant, a food court, an all-you-can-eat buffet, and a themed restaurant whose theme changes on a weekly basis.
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