• International Cuisine 
    Students will be immersed in the world of international cuisine during this culinary workshop. They will have the opportunity to discover, taste, and prepare cultural dishes from Eastern Asia, India, the Middle East, the Mediterranean region and also Europe. Students are shown kitchen techniques by professionals from each of these regions, thereby guaranteeing an authentic experience. 
  • Quick Service Restaurant
    Students will discover the latest quick service restaurant trends and specialties from a culinary perspective (food truck, international street food, finger food, etc.). Students will develop new menu items based upon the knowledge acquired over the week. In this kitchen, students discover state-of-the-art quick service cuisine equipment.
  • Culinary Research & Development 
    In this revolutionary workshop, students call upon their creativity mixed with their technical skills and market research, to produce unique dishes. They conduct sensory analyses while respecting and varying food properties, textures, etc. Students will deconstruct a well-known dish and then imagine and produce their own unique creation, all the while keeping in mind the targeted market.
  • Banqueting & Events     
    Events and banquets are at the heart of hospitality, and their successful execution is essential. During one week, students actively participate in the management and delivery of such events. External clients (multi-national companies, local organizations, NGOs, etc.) can come to EHL to hold a variety of events from conferences to gala dinners. Students will learn the main principles for the successful organization of major events.
  • Immersion in the World of Bars
    The school is proud to run three fully operational bars across campus, each with a different identity and service style. From smoothie to macchiato, from Singapore Sling to Irish Coffee, students will develop their knowledge of drink varieties and techniques, allowing them to apply their creativity to develop their own signature specialties.
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