Here is a list of qualities that we look for in our candidates. But because the industry is so diverse, there is no “ideal profile.” We hope that you’ll surprise us with your individual combination of talent, experience and motivation.

Business flair plus people skills
You are comfortable with figures, you have a knack for commerce, and your determination means you can make a business successful in a competitive environment. Still, your main focus is other people, and you enjoy finding ways to delight and enchant them.

Creativity, with a talent for innovation
You are full of ideas, you spot trends before they happen, and you respond to people's needs before they become obvious.

A sense of savoir-vivre
Do you enjoy life with all your senses? If so, you know that a hotel is not just a place to sleep; it is a complete experience. You revel in the ambiance, enjoying fine cuisine and wine and the discreet attention of the sommelier. You value tradition and creativity, and you appreciate design in lighting, architecture and use of space. You realize that a hotel stay should be an appeal to all five senses that will result in an extraordinary memory.

Analytical and problem-solving skills
Hospitality means being able to deal with many different types of data in order to make informed decisions. You can swiftly sift through a variety of factors to determine what’s essential.

Strong organizational abilities
You love to plan, organize, manage, deal with emergencies and make sure things work. You are the nuts and bolts of any event.

A strong customer focus
You are aware of others and have a sixth sense for their needs. You know when to intervene and when not to intrude. You are sensitive to different cultural expectations, and you have the will to develop a true service culture.

People skills and persuasiveness
You have a talent for convincing others and motivating them to work with you.

Resourcefulness and pragmatism
You can make quick, confident decisions. You take initiative and find creative ways to deal with problems.

An international outlook
You are eager to meet people from many different backgrounds. You are fascinated by other cultures and curious to find out more. You are respectful of other ways of thinking and willing to change your own.

Motivation, energy and enjoyment
You have plenty of energy and enjoy a challenge. You like hard work, and you thrive on the unexpected.


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