Student loans and scholarships for French citizens

In France, student loans up to €15,000 are guaranteed by the French government. These loans are granted only by banks that have signed an agreement with the government, including: 

  • Banque Populaire
  • Crédit Mutuel
  • C.I.C.
  • Caisse d'Épargne
  • Société Générale

This list is subject to change.

Further information regarding student loans is available on the government website.

EHL has been listed by the French Ministry of Education as an eligible institution for students seeking need-based scholarships. French students who intend to study in a hospitality management degree program at EHL can therefore apply for a scholarship, provided they can demonstrate financial need. To assess your eligibility to receive such a scholarship, please use the government-provided simulator.

For further information regarding the French government's scholarship program, please visit the French government's student financial aid website.


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