EHL selects ambitious and talented students and educates them to become future global hospitality business leaders. To this end, we offer partial scholarships to help eligible students achieve their educational goals. The scholarship amounts vary based on available funds and the number of applicants. Each scholarship applies to one semester at EHL.

Application documents
To apply for financial aid, you must submit all of the following items:

  1. Complete program application, including all required documents. See Admission Requirements for more details.
  1. Scholarship request letter. The letter should indicate:
    • The reason you are applying for financial aid
    • The amount you are requesting
    • How you believe you will contribute to the EHL community
    • Your action plan in case a scholarship is not granted
  1. Your budget plan. Please use the template provided below.
  1. Most recent income statement
    • If you are over 25, this should be your own income statement, not your parent's.

There are two deadlines to apply for financial aid: 1 May and 1 July. These dates are tied to the program application deadlines. We pool the applications and review them following each deadline. We will consider complete applications only. We will make our final decision within 10 working days (two weeks) of your acceptance into the program. 


  1. Send your application for financial aid via email to
  2. The Scholarship Committee will consider all complete applications for accepted candidates after the submission deadlines of 1 May and 1 July.
  3. The Scholarship Committee will review all eligible applications and make a unanimous decision about whether to grant financial aid.
  4. If further evaluation is needed to make a decision, the Scholarship Committee may request a meeting with you so that you may defend your application.
  5. The Scholarship Committee communicates its decisions to the Admissions and Finance teams.
  6. The Admissions team will communicate the final decision to you via email.
  7. If you are awarded financial aid, you'll need to sign a contract stipulating the amount and terms of the agreement. The Director of Scholarships and Philanthropy and the Program Director will also sign this contract. This can be done within the first week of your arrival on campus.

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