Jérôme Avril (EMBA 2014)

Owner, Zio Café & Restaurant
Geneva, Switzerland

I spent nine years in the financial services sector before making the leap into hospitality. I realized that to achieve my dream and expand my business, I needed to enhance my knowledge with the expertise of a reputable hospitality school.  The content of the program, the quality of the teaching, and access to the EHL network have been the key benefits of my year in the Executive MBA program at EHL.




Mandeep Singh (EMBA 2011)

Principal at Hospitality Human Capital
Las Vegas, USA

My time at EHL was a transformational experience for me. I immediately became immersed in the different cultures, the curriculum and the extracurricular activities. This, along with the personal development coursework, was instrumental in my evolution on both a personal and professional level. Also, beyond the context of the business knowledge I gained, I learned that hospitality is more than an industry – it is truly a mindset – and this mentality now carries me through every aspect of my life.




Christian Nader (EMBA 2008)

Vice President - Development at Kempinski and Shaza Hotels

When I joined EHL, I was both a career builder by experience and a career switcher by education. The EMBA was the perfect platform to achieve both of my objectives. The intensity of the program, the ability to simultaneously manage several eclectic groups, the interaction with the industry’s most senior executives, and the opportunity to evolve in a risk-free environment where I could unleash my business potential are all factors that have contributed to the rapid development of my career.




Linda Prager (EMBA 2008)

Manager & Proprietor Güterhof Restaurant
Schaffhausen, Switzerland

I started my studies in business administration in Zurich, after which I worked for several years at a Zurich-based consulting company.
The decision to obtain my MBA in Hospitality Administration at the Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne was made following a prolonged period of time abroad in the United States. In 2008, I spearheaded the opening of a mixed-use, multiconcept property in the northern part of Switzerland. The company I am currently managing, prager.gastronomie SA, includes a classic fine-dining venue as well as a trendy and popular concept restaurant, Güterhof, which has come to be very well-known in Switzerland. I continue to create innovative events and ideas for my company and stay on top of restaurant and hospitality trends.
The out-of-the-box thinking I learned while pursuing my master's degree helped me to change my mindset.




Aradhana Khowala (EMBA 2006)

Managing Director & Partner at Bridge.Over Group
London, United Kingdom

The entire program was truly an eye-opening experience for me. I understand now how a good hotel combines traditional elements such as works of art with specific design ideas to create an atmosphere that makes guests more comfortable — and want to come back. I am sure that what I learned here is going to be very valuable in my future career as the manager of a hotel.




Saar Sharon (EMBA 2005)

CEO Leonardo Hotels UK
London, Great Britain

In my pre-EHL life I obtained a law degree and a Master of Law in taxation. I practiced law and eventually ran a banking department in a law office, spending my days in court. I had a great wife, a great flat, a car, and a dog. Some would also say that I had great prospects. In other words, I was ready to be doomed.

The service culture of the legal profession and that of the international hospitality industry and EHL could not be further apart. To me, changing my career to hospitality seemed like crossing the ocean — and a huge step out of my comfort zone. Albeit uncomfortable at first, I soon found myself enjoying a roller coaster of a learning curve. What a ride it was. My wife and I had two magnificent girls while I was at EHL. We still have a flat and a car — but no dog. Some would say that we have a better future ahead of us.

“I could have written here all the general clichés on why I joined EHL. The truth is that I joined to get a key to another world — a new and fascinating business platform called hospitality.”



Silvia Berto (EMBA 2005)

Director of Architecture, Planning, Design & Development at Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc.
Orlando, USA

Becoming an architect had always been my dream. Coming from a hotel family allowed me to appreciate just how influential the architecture of a space is to a guest’s experience. It also allowed me to experience firsthand the dedication and passion needed to work in hospitality and the rewards that customer satisfaction can bring.

With these two influences on my early life, it is not surprising that I chose to work in hospitality. Studying in detail the business skills and managerial knowledge necessary for the hospitality industry was integral to my personal development and allowed me to complement my prior training as an architect. EHL's master’s program was the gateway to my career in Hyatt International, and for this I will always be grateful to EHL.

“Ever since I was a child growing up in Italy, I have been fascinated by the magnificent buildings. They combine both beauty and functionality, two themes that are central to my work within the hospitality industry.”

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