Omar Khalil (EMBA 2013)

Director of Research & Development
Rotana Hotels, UAE

After eight years of work experience in the food and beverage sector, and being a passionate hospitality professional, I realized the necessity to upgrade my skills with an MBA from the most renowned hospitality university in the world. The courses at EHL, from traditional classroom sessions to interactive workshops and case studies, hosting industry leaders and professionals, and attending global conferences, such as IHIF in Berlin, were only a few of the various techniques utilized by the university that allowed me to upgrade and learn new skills. Having completed the program, I have now entered the alumni network, which has proved to be one of EHL's most precious assets.


Zully Ruiz (EMBA 2011)

Project Manager, MSD Hospitality
Los Angeles, U.S.A

I had been in the hospitality industry for eight years when I decided to go back to school and pursue my MBA. My class consisted of 26 students aged 25 to 40 from 19 countries, speaking 21 different languages. Half of the class were career switchers and had never worked in hospitality. We lived, studied, ate, played and traveled together – we did everything together. We learned from each other not only academically but culturally and personally; we became a family.
After graduation, I found a job through the EHL network and moved to the Maldives. I soon discovered three other EHL alumni there, and we formed our own small support group in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Now, I’m back in America working for an asset company, and again the EHL network has come to my aid. It has been three years since graduation, and my class is spread all over the world, but we are still in touch and still support each other.


Kimberly Goins-Setzermann (EMBA 2010)

Hospitality Consultant - Pure Strategic Solutions
Berlin, Germany

I was searching for a way to reposition myself within the hospitality industry after working onboard luxury expedition ships for National Geographic. The master's program at EHL has given me the ability to make a graceful leap from ship to shore with the confidence to start my own company as a hospitality consultant.


Christian Nader (EMBA 2008)

Vice President - Development at Kempinski and Shaza Hotels
Geneva, Switzerland

When I joined EHL, I was both a career builder by experience and a career switcher by education. The EMBA was the perfect platform to achieve both of my objectives. The intensity of the program, the ability to simultaneously manage several eclectic groups, the interaction with the industry’s most senior executives, and the opportunity to evolve in a risk-free environment where I could unleash my business potential are all factors that have contributed to the rapid development of my career.


Anne-Marie Auriault (EMBA 2006)

Senior Advisor – Head of Project Management at Eurofin Hospitality
Lausanne, Switzerland

The master's program at EHL allowed me to learn new skills, ensure my leadership development, and take my professional career to a higher level. This intensive program provides an exceptional opportunity to study with and learn from people with various backgrounds.


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