1. First evaluation based on your online application

This fast-paced Executive MBA in Hospitality Administration will require your full time and energy. We look for candidates who can excel in this academically challenging program and have the motivation and potential to succeed in a complex industry.

Here is what we look for:

  • Motivation & talent for the industry: special achievements or projects which demonstrate commitment, a mix of creative and analytical skills that are essential for hospitality management, and most importantly, a strong customer-service orientation.
  • Academic abilities: demonstrated by the course of studies undertaken, past performance in university and college with a solid grade-point average and a good score on the GMAT or GRE; sound understanding in finance and statistics.
  • Work experience & leadership potential: proven supervisory or managerial skills; international outlook & cultural openness; a sound knowledge of other countries and cultures, a positive, open, appreciative attitude.

2. Selection interview

If your application meets our evaluation criteria, we will invite you to an interview conducted on campus or by Skype.  Visiting EHL's campus allows you to attend a class and discuss with our EMBA students.

3. Final decision

The final decision is made by our EHL's Admission Committee. Allow up to 2 weeks after your interview for the final decision.

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