We will review your application upon receipt to decide whether you can move forward in the selection process for our renowned bachelor's degree program in international hospitality management. 

We look for an even balance between academic potential and interpersonal skills.

Academic potential:
Outstanding academic potential is a priority. We assess the difficulty of the courses you took at school and consider your exam results, the remarks made by your teachers in your school transcripts, and any special achievements or awards.

Personal potential:
We look for excellent interpersonal skills, as well as the special qualities needed to manage complex businesses.

Motivation and industry-specific talents:
We look for high academic achievement or involvement in extracurricular or work activities requiring commitment, creativity and determination.

Interpersonal and leadership skills:
We consider your teamwork at school and in other projects and activities, especially your ability to lead a team and to earn the respect of your teammates.

Broad cultural and international outlook:
We take note of your trips and holidays abroad, work experience with people from different backgrounds, knowledge of other countries, and interest in other cultures.


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