Begin your application online, and upload the following documents:

  • Your resume or CV.
  • A personal statement, in the form of a motivation letter, describing why you are applying, your academic interests, your professional career goals, and any other relevant information that you think we should consider in your application.  Please include your name on each page and write no more than two pages.
  • An official copy of your academic transcript.
  • A copy of your passport/ID card.

NOTE: Two letters of recommendation from academia or industry are required, and should be sent directly to EHL by your referees using the form on this page.

Once your online application is complete and you have paid the application fee of CHF 175 online, you may submit your application for evaluation. Please note that the application fee is not refundable, nor is it transferable to another application.

Upon receipt of your application, we will evaluate it and compare it to those of other candidates to decide whether to invite you to an interview. Interviews are conducted on campus or by videoconference. Upon successful completion of the first interview, a second interview will be organized with one of the program's partner universities.

Final decisions will be made once the interviews have been completed and the Admissions Committee has reviewed your complete file.

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