Rubina Insam

My interest for hospitality industry began at the age of 14 during a summer job. I decided to get my bachelor degree in hospitality and I graduated in June 2015. To achieve everything I wanted, I knew I needed to have a broad knowledge of the industry and a specialization in a niche area. For this reason I decided to get a master’s degree. I chose EHL’s Master in Global Hospitality Business as it was the only master's program that exposes its students to a variety of different environments and gives them the real-world experience they need.

Marie Gladys Seck

Even though I'd obtained a Bachelor's degree in hospitality management, I knew I wanted to continue my studies in the field so that I could work towards becoming a corporate executive. While some programs require more work experience, EHL offers a unique opportunity to students who have just completed their undergraduate career. The hospitality industry offers many different opportunities and this program reflects this diversity by offering different concentrations for people who might be more suited for marketing versus people who might be more interested in finance.

Kyu Baek Kim

After graduating from high school in Korea, I decided to do my bachelor’s degree in International Business and Global Management in Hong Kong as I knew I needed to have strong business knowledge to obtain a financial leadership role in the hospitality industry. While I brushed up my business skills, I completed three summer internships at the Sofitel in Bangkok, the Ritz-Carlton in Moscow and the Grand Hyatt Hong Kong. This kept my passion for hospitality business alive and laid a foundation for success once I completed my undergraduate studies. Next stop was my Master degree.

Sandra Heimburger

Once I graduate from the program, I’d like to dive into the international hospitality market. As I’ve learned here at EHL, Asia is a booming region for hospitality and tourism management, so this may be a great place to kick off my career and gain some amazing hands-on experience. From there, I hope to harness my business background to pursue a position where I can combine hospitality and event and business management. EHL is only the beginning!

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