EHL has something for everyone: sports enthusiasts, food lovers, future entrepreneurs, those interested in humanitarian action and those who just like to party!

Martial Arts:
Offering weekly boxing and kickboxing classes, EHL Martial Arts is the committee that assures you physical fitness and confidence.

EHL photo:
At EHL Photo, we are passionate about photography and strive to make your time at EHL memorable through photos as well as improving our skills and engaging in creative activities.  We capture memories.

We, the Cheerleaders, are a group of motivated, cheerful and dedicated girls who share the passion for dancing and performing. We enjoy practicing our dancing, tumbling and stunts skills and are excited and honored to perform at various EHL events throughout the year.

Career club:
The EHL Career Club aims at linking students with the professional world by organizing events that connect students with professionals; from startup entrepreneurs to industry leaders and big corporations. By doing so, students are able to develop useful transferable skills, such as networking and public speaking, in a fun and welcoming atmosphere. We organize “Behind The Scenes" visits to hotels and other companies, Round Tables on hot industry topics, Career Counseling for all students, Ad Hoc events and Career Fairs.
For more information and updates, please visit our Facebook page.

Like eat:
The Like Eat committee is about students who are passionate about gastronomy and want to share their enthusiasm through diverse, delicious and fun events, workshops and tastings.

The Football Committee is inspired to empower those who hold passion for all football related affairs. We organize seminars and conferences to introduce a potential future in the business of football. Also, we offer a wide range of events throughout the year in order to spread our creativity and passion.

The Knowledge and improvement Committee is a platform in which students can learn necessary tools for their future career and personal development. Based on a “by students for students” spirit, a speaker will share his knowledge through interactive workshops. (39 words)

Student Fund:
The Student Fund is entrusted with the responsibility of controlling EHL's committees budgets and expenses throughout the year, given they are in the best interest of the student body. It entails lively debates and helping committees establish their budget.

Student Council:
The student council is here to help you with your academic and day-to-day issues at EHL and to represent you, the student body in front of the management. We are a proactive and enthusiastic group of students that represent your interests and concerns.

EHL Arts Committee:
The mission of the Arts Committee is to encourage the arts and culture at EHL through both internal and external events. The Arts Committee promotes all kind of arts, whether it is painting, poetry, dancing, theatre, cinema, opera or music. Our main event of the year is “EHL's Got Talent”, which brings on stage talented students (dancers, musicians, singer, etc.) in front of a jury and a huge audience.
This event and the competition is open to anyone !

You want to learn a new language? Looking for some practice?
BabEHL will give you the opportunity to meet new people with whom you’ll be able to practice the language of your choice!
Tandems made by students… For students!

Music Committee:
In the heart of the Ecole Hotelière de Lausanne, amongst the corporate and hospitality identities, lies an exclusive gathering of talented musicians from all disciplines providing and promoting Music as an art. We render our musicians with useful information related to the music industry, music performance and allow them to take their skills to a new level.

Interreligious Committee:
We provide a learning space where both students and staff can be exposed to different religions and their impact on the hospitality industry. This includes issues like religious taboos, various religious festivals, religious dietary requirements, special religious events etc.

Public Speaking Committee:
Our Vision is to become the preferred resource for enhancing public speaking, leadership and communication skills at EHL. Our Mission is to organize events and gatherings for the EHL community that train the attendees in public speaking, listening and communication skills in a friendly and supportive environment.
Contact: (coming soon)

Junior Enterprise:
JEHL aims to offer students the chance to complement academic knowledge with professional experience and application of their creativity and motivation by providing project experience in collaboration with industry professionals.

EHL Young Hoteliers Summit:
YHS is an international summit and organisation acting towards improving professional opportunities for young talent in hospitality by fostering a dialogue on employment related topics between its three main stakeholders, hospitality companies, educational institutions and the young in hospitality.

EHL Model United Nations (MUN):
We are a new committee consisting of students with a strong motivation, enthusiasm and passion about world issues. We aim to educate ourselves with key global issues and current events. We are students with interest in developing interpersonal skills

EHL Smile:


Student Social Responsibility:
Through guest speakers, workshops and yearly charity events such as 2x Christmas, we raise awareness among the EHL community regarding our social responsibility towards society and environment. Furthermore, the committee discusses best practices and combines theoretical knowledge with the practical aspect in today's business world.

Pinceau Doré:
Pinceau Doré is a foundation created by a group of students who want to make the best of the opportunities we have to create happiness in the lives of people who are less fortunate and face struggles in their everyday lives. We organize events and activities for these people, often gathering artistic and musical talent to share our passions and entertain them.

We Wine:
About We Wine objectives: We would like to sensitize the future hospitality leaders to the art of wine tasting, to discover the diversity and quality of local and foreign wines, and make everything for being the ambassadors of Swiss local wines.

EHL Fête Finale (FF):
FF Committee is composed of BSC2 students organizing the extra events throughout the year. This includes Thursday night parties, extra events, such as Winter Break, and most importantly the Fête Finale at the end of the school year.

EHL Basketball:
The Eagle Basketball Committee has as a mission to gather EHL students around one passion: Basketball.
In this spirit we are organizing events concerning this sport for basketball players and everyone among EHL community.

EHL Rugby:
Our committee links together both touch and classic rugby teams and organizes games and events to promote the rugby spirit!

EHL Spirit:
EHL Spirit is EHL’s sailing committee. We offer sailing lessons, members can take the boat for a leisure afternoon, we do some competitions as well and we we help people who want to get the sailing license.

EHL Golf Committee:
Welcome to the EHL golf committee! The aim is to create awareness and to give the EHL body the opportunity to start, improve and enjoy one of the most prestigious sports. Beginners, you will have the chance to pass your "autorisation de parcours", by attending our weekly lessons at Pra Roman, which allows you to play in most of the golf courses in Switzerland. Confirmed players, come and play our first EHL Golf Challenge where you can mingle with alumni and entrepreneurs (possibly get an internship opportunity!)

EHL Wolves:
EHL Wolves is the EHL Ice Hockey Committee representing the EHL Wolves team. Join us for amazing sports moments!

The Yearbook Committee is the Committee responsible for the creation and development of the Yearbook.

The Student Voice:
The Student Voice is a publication made by the Students which contains news, trends and other topics which relate either directly or indirectly to student life in EHL.


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