The art of hospitality

This module gives you an overall picture of the hospitality industry today, focusing on its main driving forces, key industry figures, and present challenges. Experiential learning and business analysis are linked through a series of hands-on workshops and team building sessions. We introduce you to many different hospitality enterprises, to inspire you for your own hospitality concept and creative business solutions. You also work in a team to propose and develop a concept for a unique service experience which will be evaluated in terms of market attractiveness and potential financial success.

The science of management

This module helps you understand and analyze the financial performance of a hospitality operation: budgeting, cash flow and cost allocation. You learn how to evaluate assets and place a quantitative value on a business idea. You also learn how to prepare and edit financial data, which will allow you to make informed decisions and justify a project to investors. Your toolbox includes business mapping processes, decision theory and critical path analysis, models for market research, and advanced technological tools such as web analytics.

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