The aims of this study were to identify the most common tools used in Swiss hotels to select employees and to examine if these tools are those that have demonstrated adequate predictive validity in the scientific literature. A survey was sent to the 1447 hotels belonging to 3-star, 4-star and 5-star hotel categories and referenced by hotelleriesuisse. 184 respondents agreed to respond to the survey. Data show that the job interview is the selection method that is used the most often, followed by résumés and references. It is clear from the results that intelligence tests are rarely used even if prior studies have shown that they have higher predictive validity than most of the other selection tools. Further analyses show that job interviews in most of the hotels surveyed are informal and not structured. In other words, recruiters ask questions that are not necessarily linked to the job for which the candidates have applied. The questions asked during a job interview are often different from one applicant to the other. Finally, recruiters form a general impression about the candidates from their answers and behaviors instead of relying on specific scales to compare the candidates. These results highlight the fact that recruiters in Swiss hotels could improve their selection practices by using tools that are more valid and formal (e.g. intelligence tests and structured interviews). Indeed, plenty of studies have shown that organizations that use more formalized selection tools tend to have lower turnover, better productivity and better financial performance.

May - November 2013
Financial partner: Lausanne Hospitality Consulting



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