Although it has been argued that leader–member exchange (LMX) is a phenomenon that develops over time, the existing LMX literature is largely cross-sectional in nature. Yet, there is a great need for unraveling how LMX develops over time. To address this issue in the LMX literature, we examine the relationships of LMX with 2 variables known for changing over time: job performance and justice perceptions. On the basis of current empirical findings, a simulation deductively shows that LMX develops over time, but differently in early stages versus more mature stages. Our findings also indicate that performance and justice trends affect LMX. Implications for LMX theory and for longitudinal research on LMX, performance, and justice are discussed.

Park, S., Sturman, M., Vanderpool, C. & Chan, E. (2015). Only time will tell: The changing relationships between LMX, job performance, and justice. Journal of Applied Psychology, 100(3), 660-680.

Keywords : LMX; Dynamic performance; Performance trend; Organizational justice over time.


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