Monday May 14, 2018

09.00 - 10.00 am Welcome coffee and registration
10.00 - 12.00

Paper presentations - Session 1 (M - 207)

Paper 1: “Does Excellence Pay Off? Evidence from the Wine Market”
Author: Stefano Castriota
Discussant: Alain Schatt

Paper 2: “Last Frontier investments: the case of Alpine wines”
Authors: Clémentine Fauchery, Philippe Masset and Jean-Philippe Weisskopf
Discussant: Demian Berchtold

Paper 3: “Should We Put Ice in Wine? A Difference-in-Differences Approach from Switzerland”
Author: Alexandre Mondoux
Discussant: Guenter Schamel

Paper 4: “Expectations of German wine tourists"
Author: Jon Hanf and Jens Rüdiger
Discussant: Florine Pecheux-Livat

12.00 - 02.00 pm Lunch & Networking (Food Court)
Wine sponsor: Domaine Louis Bovard
02.00 - 04.00

Paper presentations - Session 2 (M -  207)

Paper 1: “Are There Too Many Appellations of Origin? The Case of Bordeaux Wines”
Authors: Julian Alston, Jean-Marie Cardebat and Florine Pecheux-Livat
Discussant: Bradley Rickard

Paper 2: “Wine Consumption and Culture: A cross-country regression analysis”
Author: Jean-François Outreville
Discussant: Olivier Gergaud

Paper 3: “Grape Supply Chains and Implicit Prices for Quality Attributes”
Author: Guenter Schamel
Discussant: Alexandre Mondoux

Paper 4: “Too Funny, for Everybody? How Fun Elements in Labels Decrease Willingness to Pay and Intentions as a Function of Risk Propensity”
Authors: François Durrieu, Renaud Lunardo and Bradley Rickard
Discussant: Olivier Gergaud

04:00-04.30 Break

Panel discussion ( M - 308 )

Panel: “Managing Restaurant’s wine lists and cellars in 2018” - in French with slides in English
Panelists: Florine Livat-Pécheux (KEDGE), Christian Roger (Vino & Finanza),
Davide Dargenio (EHL), René Roger (EHL), Samuel Boissy (EHL).

06.00 - 07.00 Wine tasting (Peter Michael)
Wine sponsor: Swiss Grapes, Bursinel, Vaud
07.00 Cocktail dinner & networking (Espace Lounge & Work)



Tuesday May 15, 2018

09.00 - 09.30 am Welcome coffee
09.30 - 11.30 Paper presentations - Session 3 (M - 207)

Paper 1: “Does leverage impair earnings quality in the hospitality industry? International evidence"
Authors: Cédric Poretti, Tiphaine Jérôme and Alain Schatt
Discussant: Stefano Castriota

Paper 2: “Kegged wine: current perceptions and experiences within the Swiss wine industry”
Authors: Benoît Bach, Bertrand Chatelet and Stéphanie Pougnet-Rozan
Discussant: Jean-François Outreville

Paper 3: “Effects of Terrorist Attacks on Tourist Flows to France: Is Wine Tourism a Substitute?”
Authors: Florine Pecheux-Livat, Haiyan Song and Shun Ye
Discussant: Jens Rüdiger

Paper 4: “A French Recipe to Become a Top Chef: Assortative Matching and Gradual Human Capital Accumulation in Creative Industries”
Authors: Olivier Gergaud, Heiner Schumacher and Frédéric Warzynski
Discussant: Stéphanie Pougnet-Rozan

11.30 - 12.15 pm Wine tasting (Peter Michael)
Wine sponsor: The School of Viticulture and Enology Changins
12.15 - 01.45 pm

Lunch & Networking (Food Court)
Wine sponsor: The School of Viticulture and Enology Changins

01.45 - 03.45

Paper presentations - Session 2 (N - 108)

Paper 1: “Place-based Branding Strategy for Italian Wine in China: The Case of Tenute Picini – An Italian Winery”
Yuanyuan (Eva) Li – Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Paper 2: “Social Capital in Wine Cooperatives: Can it make a difference for grape and wine quality?”
Simon Lindemann – Free University of Bolzano

Paper 3: “On the empirical performance of Restaurant sales forecasting methods: the case of Eurest-Kedge”
Carlos Fernandez and Selen Ozkan – KEDGE Business School

Paper 4: “Climate change risk management in the wine industry: could diversification be a winning strategy?”
Romaine Christen – Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne

03:45 - 04:15 Break
Sponsor: Clos de Tsampéhro
04.15 - 06.00

Panel discussion ( N - 108 )

Panel: “Ratings, scores, reviews of restaurants and wines in 2018” - in French with slides in English
Parnelists: Olivier Gergaud (KEDGE), Alexandre Truffer (Vinum), Cédric Bourassin (EHL),
Gildas L’Hostis (EHL), Jérome Aké Béda (Auberge de l’Onde), Johanna Dayer (Clos de Tsampéhro).

06.00 - 06.30 Closing ceremony & best paper award sponsored by Magliocco Vins (N - 108)
06:30 Closing dinner at the "Chalet des Enfants", Route du Chalet des Enfants, Lausanne
Costs to be covered by participants
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