In 2016, members of the Saviva F&B Chair team will study the challenges, impacts and opportunities of the sharing economy in the restaurant industry.

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The year 2015 was marked by the flagship project of the Saviva F&B Chair: waste management in restaurants. The study aimed to understand habits, needs and constraints and to identify simple and innovative solutions to implement in restaurants. A brochure addressed to restaurant owners is publicly available. 

The F&B Chair analyzed the behavior of Generation Y on social networks in relation to restaurants and the best practices of large French and Swiss brands.
For more information, see our booklet on the topic. 

2010- 2013
During this period, the F&B Chair focused on the future of food service professions. In its first project, the F&B Chair team conducted research on the purchasing function in Europe and Shanghai. For the second project, members of the F&B Chair team examined the future development of restaurant manager and head chef roles in France and Spain.

Film: A day in the life of a foodservice purchasing manager in 2025

The Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne has a responsibility to contribute to sustainable development in the restaurant and hotel industry through innovation and digitalisation of its actors.
The two chairs: the SAVIVA F&B Chair and the METRO Chair of Innovation present their results.

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