1. Who’s afraid of Google?

    Google has just been fined 2.4 billion euros for giving prominence to its own shopping service while demoting those of its competitors. But could the internet giant come to dominate the hospitality industry through its ability to integrate flight and hotel data, leaving online travel agencies and others in its wake?

    Winning strategies to bring in new customers

    How should hotels be reaching out to potential customers? For many hotels, managing distribution channels is currently more of an administrative task than a strategic necessity. However, smart hoteliers need to make the best use of these channels to expand their market share. EHL professors Elisa Chan and Maggie Chen explore the options. 

  2. All you need is love (and supervisor support)

    The Beatles’ song, ‘All You Need Is Love’, may provide a key to businesses seeking to retaining staff. EHL professor Sowon Kim and her co-researchers have been exploring employee job satisfaction and found that loving family support is critical to encouraging workers to stay in their jobs.  In another study, they also explored the importance of manager support for a balance between work and family responsibilities.

    Revenue management: Using data integration to move from tactics to strategy

    Revenue management used to focus primarily on setting room prices and optimizing room inventory. Today, revenue management strategy goes way beyond pricing and inventory management, so revenue managers need to look for new ways to optimize revenue growth and profitability.

  3. Service and the emotional connection

    Service that goes beyond... to create an emotional connection.

    STR and Google find strong correlation between searches and hotel bookings

    Higher Google search volumes are strongly correlated with higher hotel demand levels, according to analysis from STR and Google, with New York City and London selected as case study markets.

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