1. The better hotel investment: luxury or lifestyle?

    Senior executives and consultants discuss whether to invest in luxury or lifestyle hotels.

    Loyalty and hospitality: Taking on the OTAs

    Scott Dahl takes a look at the loyalty programs of the industry's owners and operators.

  2. THE LONG READ: Redefining luxury in hospitality

    Suzanne Godfrey seeks to find what defines a luxury hotel.

    Adopting an innovative mindset in foodservice

    Frank Schuetzendorf comments on what innovation means to food and beverage specialists.

  3. The entrepreneurial journey: Beelong

    Meet EHL alumni Charlotte and Mathias, founders of food sustainability start-up Beelong.

    Video: Anita Mendiratta - Investing emotionally in the age of travel

    International strategic tourism advisor Anita Mendiratta explores why the emotional investment in travel far exceeds the financial outlay.

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