1. Swiss private banking: Making the client relevant again

    As Swiss private banking seeks to regain its glory years, many industry analysts believe banks need to redefine their core competency. So could hospitality help to make the client relevant again in private banking? Sherif Mamdouh has been speaking to senior banking executives to get their views.

    That touch of hospitality: Client-centric insights for Swiss private banking

    EHL professor Margarita Cruz explores with her students whether there is a way of combining the strengths of the hospitality sector with those of the banking industry. 

  2. Leveraging strong and weak networks for corporate success

    EHL professors Achim Schmitt and Stefano Borzillo examine how a successful multinational company leverages its networks of ‘strong’ and ‘weak’ contacts to make the most of current business opportunities, while developing future prospects.

    Branding and hospitality: What’s your differentiation?

    Based on a series of interviews with 18 international hoteliers, Grace Goni explores the issue of brand differentiation but says that the more she probed, the more it became clear that hoteliers were unsure about their hotels’ positioning.  So, she points out, if hotel manager are unable to articulate the differentiator – or worse, do not even have it on their radar – how can we expect customers to be clear about the offer?

  3. THE LONG READ Key pillars of luxury hospitality: Service and the emotional connection

    In the latest article in our series of pieces on luxury hospitality based on interviews with leading hoteliers in Paris, Suzanne Godfrey explores the need for service that goes over and beyond … to create an emotional connection.

    STR and Google find strong correlation between searches and hotel bookings

    Higher Google search volumes are strongly correlated with higher hotel demand levels, according to analysis from STR and Google, with New York City and London selected as case study markets.

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