1. Innovation in luxury hospitality

    In the final article of our series of pieces on luxury hospitality based on interviews with leading hoteliers in Paris, Suzanne Godfrey argues that luxury has always been about innovation. 

    Business model innovation: An exciting sector?

    Is the industry more resourceful than we think?

  2. All you need is love (and supervisor support)

    What kind of support should managers give for a work-family balance?

    Revenue management: Using data integration

    Revenue managers need to look for new ways to optimize revenue growth and profitability.

  3. Key pillars of luxury hospitality: The soul

    Luxury hospitality: the need for the soul – the tangible and intangible.

    Impacts of terrorism on U.K. hotel performance

    Recent terrorist attacks in the U.K. have suggested a negative impact on attraction sites and tourism in the country. Although it is too early to properly evaluate the full impact of these on hotel performance, STR provides some insights and showcases the London hotels' resilience during difficult times.

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