Arndt Mielisch - Communication Manager, Swisscom Hospitality Services

"Most of our innovations in hotel technology are preceded by a market validation and by the definition of a detailed launch plan. Both of these tasks must be completed in a very short space of time.
EHL’s Student Business Projects are able to deliver exactly the service we need in the small amount of time that we have, thanks to an extremely motivated group of students, tried and tested methods, and the support of highly-qualified members of faculty."

Lukas Neulen - Business Development Manager Feldschlösschen Getränke AG

"Feldschlösschen has been running a couple of EHL Student Business Projects now and the results have been very satisfying. During the 10 project weeks, the students act as “Junior Business Consultants” with a real business issue and get senior management exposure. Their strong academic background makes them capable of quickly understanding the business context and the issues to solve."

Jan Sander, Sr. Global Marketing Manager Philips Hospitality TV

"I was impressed with the overall quality of the work. The project was carried out and presented in a very professional way covering all the necessary aspects and providing actionable recommendations and new insights."

Skye Legon - Co-founder OneLab Solutions

"Young companies like OneLab Solutions have limited time and resources to carry out extensive market studies. Having a group of 5 students working full-time for 9 weeks on our study allowed us to make huge progress in a very short period of time. The group accomplished a remarkable amount of work that would have been impossible for us to achieve on our own. The final report was very professional and contained many actionable insights that we plan to leverage immediately."

Gregory Alibaux – PERNOD RICARD SWISS, Marketing Director

"It was a pleasure to work with the students from EHL on a Student Business Project.
We appreciated their enthusiasm, creativity and professionalism. Thanks to their work, we have gained a more in-depth knowledge of the luxury goods market in Switzerland, clarified the position of our brands and identified new opportunities. The project will help us to develop a more structured, professional approach to the high-end market."

Romain Vez – UEFA Events SA, Hospitality Production Manager

“I was impressed by the professionalism of the students. Their fast understanding of the problematic, solid methodology, hard-work and creativity allowed them to deliver a remarkable final report containing very valuable recommendations.”

Pierre- François Leyvraz – CHUV, Chief Executive Officer

“A team of EHL students cast a fresh eye on the quality of the reception process in our hospital, by applying the same criteria as those employed in 5-star hotels. They did exactly what we expected of them. Their ideas were not only original, they were feasible too.”

Chantal Cartier – Suisse Tourisme, Marketing

"The international focus of the SBP 25 team provided us with the best examples worldwide in terms of the social media strategy of hotels. The results of the study were part of the program of the 5th Swiss hotel conference of Switzerland Tourism and hotelleriesuisse with the participation of 450 hotel operators. We look forward to continue using SBPs in the future."

Pascal Duperret – Golden Pass, Sales and Marketing Manager

"We commissioned an SBP team to carry out a big market study on the reputation of our product lines. The five students who performed the study did a remarkable job in all respects. Under the supervision of their marketing professor, they threw themselves fully into the project, which required a rigorous methodological approach as well as creative thinking. We would like to emphasize the care and enthusiasm with which they completed their task."

Lionel Conus – Municipality of Avenches, Municipal Clerk

"I would like to commend the excellent work done by the team of students, who completed their task with efficiency and professionalism. The municipality of Avenches is very pleased with the result. The project group presented us with a clear and comprehensive report, containing numerous measures that could be applied swiftly in Avenches. The students were motivated by their task and achieved a large amount of work in just a few short weeks."

Philippe Martinet – Ville de Lausanne, Department Head

"Working with the students and their professors was a very positive experience in several respects: they produced a 250-page report in a record time of two months. The team of professors supporting the students provided expert advice in a wide range of fields from the production and delivery of meals for large groups of people to healthy eating campaigns targeting young people. But the project was also a refreshing experience, since the students threw themselves into it wholeheartedly, casting a fresh eye on our old problems."


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