Why do you, HVS, recruit at EHL?
EHL offers a consistently good caliber of candidates, who demonstrate a high level of education. EHL’s curriculum and modules match the experience we are looking for at a junior level.

How would you describe HVS’s recruitment and interaction opportunities with students while on campus?
Very good – always a well-structured day with a good attendance level from students. The contacts at EHL are very helpful and always ensure that we receive CV’s from interested candidates.

How could you describe HVS's relationship with EHL in general?
Strong – we have developed a mutually beneficial relationship with EHL over the years, with good feedback from both sides. We enjoy working with the EHL team and meeting the students who have an interest in becoming HVS consultants.

Why is this relationship important for HVS?
Our policy at HVS is to recruit only the best and brightest candidates. The candidates from EHL are some of the future leaders of the hospitality industry, and we value this obvious synergy.

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