Servair, an Air France subsidiary, is the world's third biggest inflight catering company, with a turnover of around CHF 1 bn and 10,000 employees across four continents. The company is currently implementing a large-scale, international expansion program. To fulfill its human resource requirements, it sought to establish a partnership with a globally renowned organization with the same values as itself.
EHL is the only place in the world that produces mobile, motivated all-rounders with outstanding expertise and savoir-être. At EHL, we find the men and women we need to drive our international expansion program forward and to enlarge our pool of managers.

Since the beginning of our cooperation with EHL, we have adopted an approach based on three components:

  • Recruitment

Every year, Servair recruits around eight interns from EHL and assigns them to highly responsible tasks in a broad variety of fields, such as business development, marketing, operations, auditing, etc. Depending on our needs and opportunities, we then employ these interns on permanent contracts, once they have graduated.

  • Student Business Projects

If the opportunity presents itself, we opt for this type of cooperation to support our own staff on critical projects.
Thanks to a Student Business Project, Servair won the bids for the Roland Garros airport project on the island of La Reunion. What more proof could be needed that these projects really do work? As a result, 1300 square meters of restaurant space in the landside and airside areas will be run exclusively by Servair for a period of 10 years.

  • Case studies

As the inflight catering industry is constantly changing, it is a rich source of learning in several disciplines: business modeling, process optimization, HR/management development, etc. The cooperation between Servair and EHL enables the improvement of courses through practical and reliable case studies on the ground, and brings students into contact with Servair.

Our cooperation with the Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne is characterized by mutual trust, a high degree of flexibility and made-to-measure support from EHL. To put it simply, I would say that EHL's support, in the shape of the high-caliber people it provides us with, gives us a significant edge over our competitors. Furthermore, having benefited from EHL's famous expertise myself, I am delighted to be able to return the favor by providing interesting and exciting opportunities for its graduates.

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