The diploma program in hotel and restaurant management, previously available at our Lausanne campus, is now being offered as a tertiary B-level program at the Swiss School of Tourism & Hospitality (SSTH), which was recently acquired by EHL.

The new curriculum, which is available in English and German, incorporates the flagship elements of the original diploma program. Through this program, we aim to deliver the best professional training in the industry.   

The final students in the Lausanne-based diploma program graduated in February 2015, after completing a two-year course organized as follows:
Semester I: Six months on campus, during which students developed and exercised their skills in each field.

Semester II: A six-month operational internship.

Semester III: Six months on campus, during which students developed their leadership skills by supervising groups of new students.  

Semester III: A six-month management internship.

Diploma Project: students prepared for and developed a creative business project.

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