Over the last 120 years, we have developed an inspirational and innovative university-level teaching approach that produces top-notch managers for the international hospitality industry.

Our training program in international hospitality management consists of four pillars:

  • Understanding how the industry works from the ground up
  • Acquiring management skills 
  • Developing interpersonal skills 
  • Gaining hands-on experience 

We encourage students to actively participate in every class and extracurricular activity they attend. By doing so, they learn how to work within a multicultural team, to take on a leadership roles and to quickly and effectively apply what they have learned. Students are expected to carry out international internships and case studies to help them develop into open-minded, pragmatic, creative professionals who will make an immediate impact in their future careers. Graduates of our bachelor's program in international hospitality management are highly sought after by many employers, and many have quickly worked their way into high-responsibility positions around the world.

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