EHL students present the ideal vision of the Restaurant of the future to METRO senior executives, with key findings to support the implementation of technology within restaurants, aiming to improve customer satisfaction, process efficiency and business development.

As part of EHL’s Bachelor program in International Hotel Management, students get the opportunity to participate in a Student Business Project, providing consultancy solutions for real-life industry mandates. In this context, METRO mandated 6 last-year students to envision the model Restaurant of the future and provide concrete solutions to drive innovation and technological advancements in the restaurant sector, and more particularly for the independent restaurateurs.

The student group presented the key characteristics of this Restaurant of the future, where technology is incorporated at each customer touch-point before, during and after the meal in order to answer restaurant-goers’ growing expectations for digital experience and further engage with customers. Operational processes were thoroughly analyzed to offer restaurateurs guidance in improving efficiency and profitability thanks to technology tools.

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