We are proud to announce the appointment of Mr Michel Rochat, as the new President of the Office des vins vaudois (OVV) from 1 January 2019, succeeding Mr Pierre Keller.

During the official announcement of his appointment, Mr Rochat said that it’s time to give back (to the canton) a little of what he received and despite his position as director at EHL, he would make time to fulfill this new mission. "I benefited from high level schools, which helped me enormously in my professional career. I feel now is the time for me to give back what I have received. I enjoy contributing to our economic development. This is my main motivation,” he told 24heures.

OVV's mission is to promote vineyards, Vaud wines and their image through information, advertising, promotion and public relations. It therefore became apparent to the Council of State that Rochat's managerial skills, his attachment to Vaud institutions and his personal history made him the best candidate to hold the position of President of the OVV. Backed by experience as head of a world-renowned school, as well as a vast network, Mr. Rochat is an undeniable additional asset.

As of 1 July, Mr. Rochat will participate in committee meetings, before fully assuming the position of President at the end of the year. 

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