EHL and the future Institut International Joël Robuchon have begun to combine their complementary experience to contribute to the enrichment of training in the culinary arts and to the development of leading professionals. This cooperation will enable a constructive and innovative exchange between the two institutions.

The upscale and luxury positioning of the two schools, based on the highest ratios of perfection and rigor, make them national and international references for the promotion and transmission of the great values ​​of gastronomy, as well as for education on excellence.

Training at the future Institut International Joël Robuchon will be grounded primarily on practice and experience based on the French tradition of “compagnonage,” with an inductive teaching method that will provide the foundations of theory in the culinary arts. Well-known international chefs will teach and share their knowledge at the institute.

Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL) has developed a high-quality educational model to shape the hospitality leaders of tomorrow. To bring an added value amid exceptional demand in the hotel and restaurant industry, EHL launches new academic programs, such as its Master Class in Culinary Arts, and has partnered with Joël Robuchon’s new institute with the aim of sharing skills and expertise.

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