We are excited to announce that our Bistro Restaurant, “Le Bistro” has been certified by le Collège Culinaire de France and becomes the first educational institution in the world to receive this certification. We are also the third establishment in Switzerland, following Le Floris in Anière and Michel Roth in Geneva, to receive the recognition.

Founded by 15 French chefs and recognized internationally, le Collège Culinaire de France (CCF) aims to promote and defend the French culinary heritage. According to the CCF Manifesto, the goal of the College is to enable quality restaurants to work with quality artisans and producers who share the same artisanal practices.

"There is no quality cooking without quality products"

Furthermore, it seeks to create a chain of quality between restaurateurs and producers, through a community of trade for a continuous improvement of the quality of our culinary handicraft heritage.

Congratulations to the Bistro Team made up of:


  • Priska Cedileau
  • Thomas Pronnier
  • Thomas Boucourt


  • Fabien Pairon
  • Julien Gradoz (Pastry)
  • Timothée Pittet
  • Thomas Marie (Bakery)

As well as the many other colleagues such as; stewards and other chefs that help everyday too!

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