The Food & Beverage Research Chair, developed in 2010, aims to study the changes and challenges in the foodservice industry. For 2015-2018, EHL is working with Saviva, a member of M-Industrie, to study sustainable innovations in foodservice. The results of the first study have been published in a report entitled “Let’s stop wasting!”

In collaboration with 90 restaurants and a group of international experts, the Saviva F&B Chair identified 15 solutions to reduce waste or improve its management.The report focuses on 4 key general waste reduction and management methods: prevention, reduction, reuse, and recycling. “Our goal is to provide restaurant owners and operators with solutions to improve their waste management processes that are concrete and applicable, but also innovative” explains Dr Christine Demen Meier, head of the Saviva F&B Chair at EHL.

"Waste prevention not only makes a significant contribution to sustainability – it can be interesting for companies from a financial perspective too. Saviva aims to support development in this sector, which also involves an element of knowledge creation. We hope that our support will provide a valuable stimulus for companies in the hotel and restaurant industry,” said André Hüsler, CEO, Saviva AG.

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