EHL has set the world record for the biggest “pâté en croûte”: a unique piece that measures 160.2 cm and weighs 86.750 kg.

It is the school’s Culinary Arts team, led by its four renowned “charcuterie” experts (Romain Pellet, Damien Vancauwenberghe, Christian Ségui and Fabien Pairon), that has achieved this gastronomic “tour de force”. They owe their success to exceptional teamwork, unmatched cumulative expertise and the support of the entire Culinary Arts department.

As EHL launches its new Master Class in Culinary Arts (MCCA) - a program developed for future professionals and entrepreneurs in the hotel and “Food & Beverage” sectors - this "mega-pâté" is a festive and gourmet event ahead of the end-of-year holiday season. The piece will be cut and available at EHL's various food outlets, much to the delight of all campus residents.

Discovering “charcuterie”, as well as pastry, baking or cooking, helps students to grasp the importance of gastronomy and the careful work involved in client service. This kind of exercise “brings together experience and dexterity, it ensures comprehensive understanding and good use of premium products, while also associating tradition with modernity,” explained the Culinary Arts team. This team comprises no fewer than seven “Meilleurs Ouvriers de France” (a prestigious French national distinction), amongst other talented members. The MCCA program focuses on equipping future graduates with an understanding of the challenges facing tomorrow’s F&B sector, as well as the competencies necessary to quickly and independently manage all the elements that are essential to the successful completion of their personal projects.

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