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Ms Teresa Sotelo-Molina

Senior Lecturer - Spanish

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Nationality: Spanish, Swiss

Teaching program(s):


After finishing University in Spain, I dreamed of conveying my desire to learn a new language and culture to students.
As a teacher specialized in Spanish as a foreign language at a higher level, I have now been in charge of this specific option for the Swiss Maturité examination in private educational institutions for many years.
I have also fulfilled my desire to teach at EHL for over 20 years as a foreign language lecturer. Today, I am an examiner certified by the Cervantes Institute and Chairperson for the official Spanish DELE examinations.
In recent years, the Spanish language academic staff I belong to worked to have EHL recognized as an official DELE examination center for the Vaud region.
In search of new challenges, I followed several teaching methodology courses in the past as well as recently, and use them to help students in different situations. Furthermore, I regularly attend and participate to conferences and seminars on new technologies, methods, techniques and other issues related to foreign languages.
Finally, my passion for this profession has lead me to pursue my studies and I am currently working on my Master’s degree in Spanish as a foreign language. My postgraduate studies are not only a way to evolve in my academic learning, but also allows me to analyze the new role of the teacher nowadays as s/he must rely on quality education.

Areas of interest:

- Learning Strategy

- Spanish as a specific language

- New technologies in language learning

- Intercultural exchanges and motivation

- Participation and learning in language courses

Other qualifications

  • Administrative Technician Diploma (with merit), Ministry of Education and Science, Valladolid (Spain)
  • Diploma in Business Spanish and Business French (with merit ), Spanish-Offizielle Schweizerishe Handelskammer, Zurich (Switzerland)
  • HES-SO Certificate of educational qualifications, Lausanne (Switzerland)
  • Certified DELE Examiner recognized by the Cervantes Institute, Madrid (Spain)
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