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Nationality: Swiss, Spanish

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Certificate of Advanced Studies HEP Vaud in Coaching – Individual and group support (Haute Ecole Pédagogique, Lausanne)

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It was in 1985 that I discovered the nascent industry of Information Technology as I discovered the intricacies of what would become the word processor. Not only did my passion for IT not die out, it has increased as technology has evolved. After developing commercial applications for a range of international corporations in the town of Zug here in Switzerland, these same companies asked me to take charge of training their employees in the IT applications available at the time. This is where I discovered the joy of teaching this very interesting subject, one that is always changing. Upon my return to French-speaking Switzerland, I was hired on a freelance basis by organisations such as the IOC, UN, Procter & Gamble, Infolearn and Crédit Agricole. After seven years teaching adults in a professional setting, I set up my own IT company. I won various contracts to organise programmes to train ORP advisors (Swiss unemployment office) in the canton of Vaud (Nyon, Lausanne, Aigle). In 2001, when I received an opportunity to teach promising young adults at EHL, I did not hesitate one second, eager to rise to such a challenge. Ever since, I have always sought to further enrich my teaching skills through training programmes and workshops (HES-SO professor certificate obtained in March 2010). At the Haute Ecole Pédagogique de Lausanne, I took coaching classes and after two years of coursework I became a certified coach. I also completed a training programme to become accredited by Belbin so that I could coach students on working in groups.

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