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Nationality: Spanish, Swiss

Teaching program(s):


My vocation for teaching stems from a personal need to pass on my knowledge to others. My desire to grow through learning new languages and cultures has led me to teach the language of Cervantes, that is to say, my own language. Therefore, upon my arrival in Switzerland, I was first mandated to be an expert-examiner for the School of Social and Educational Studies in Lausanne.
A few months later, the École-club Migros offered me the position of Coordinator of the Spanish classes, a task I gladly accepted. I was in charge of leading a team, coordinating and planning educational activities and required to attend regular trainings and seminars throughout Switzerland.
I was able to obtain several diplomas and certificates, including the following:
• "Weiterbildungs European Certification - Testsysteme GimbH " in Zurich
•    "TELC Language Test" in Frankfurt
I later taught at the EPFL Language Centre in Lausanne before joining the Gymnase Auguste Piccard Auguste Piccard faculty in Lausanne.
Being a teacher for the Swiss Federal Maturity, the French Baccalaureate and International Baccalaureate opened new doors for me, namely teaching in the field of literature, teaching language at a higher level and scoring knowledge (assessment).
Assessing the knowledge of my students and evaluating myself through their knowledge was a new challenge for me.
Today, I have the opportunity to provide EHL and Université populaire students my experience and knowledge in the teaching of languages, which allows me to evolve in new learning technologies and focus my energy on these two higher education institutions.

Other qualifications

  • Certificate of Literature, A language, International Baccalaureate –SEK Education Institution, Madrid, Spain
  • TELC Expert Qualifying Diploma – Frankfurt, Germany
  • DELE Expert Accreditation – Madrid, Spain
  • EDUQUA Certification – Lausanne, Switzerland
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