Yann Greutert is a professor of Ecole hoteliere de Lausanne, world first hospitality management school

Mr Yann Greutert

Lecturer – Practical Arts

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Nationality: Swiss

Teaching program(s):
Bachelor (Preparatory Year)

Academic level

Brevet fédéral de chef cuisinier - Suisse


After an apprenticeship as a chef in an institute for people with disabilities located in Lausanne, Mr Greutert enrolled in the Swiss army as a chef. He worked for the restaurant of the general staff in Thun and even served Mr Blattmann (Chief of the Armed Forces) on the Swiss national holiday in 2010.

Then, Mr Greutert worked in various hotels and establishments on the shores of Lake Geneva and the Canton of Vaud for one year: Hôtel du Lac in Vevey, Beaulieu Restauration in Lausanne, Lake Gourmet in Lausanne and NovaVita in Montreux.

In 2011, Mr Greutert joined the Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne as a chef where he has occupied a variety of positions within the Food Court and participated in several major projects at EHL (development of a new dining concept, opening of new points of sale, Fête finale 2012 and 2016, etc.). While working at EHL, he took courses in cooking and in 2015 he passed the federal exam for chefs.


Areas of interest:

- Swiss Gastronomy – regional products

- SCUBA diving

- Travelling

Other qualifications

  • Certificat de formateur en entreprise CFFE – Suisse
  • Diplôme de culture générale – Suisse
  • Formations internes à l’EHL : Pédagogie niveau I et II, Sécurité au travail, etc

Research awards

  • Deuxième meilleur apprenti romand (2010)
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