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Mr Lionel Sauvère

Senior Lecturer – Practical Arts

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Nationality: French

Teaching program(s):
Bachelor (Preparatory Year)


From September 1996 to August 2000
Maison de la Formation, Poitiers, France.
Teacher in a restaurant
Teaching theoretical courses: Restaurant and wine technology
Teaching practical courses: Practical work in the restaurant
Levels taught: CAP , BEP, and BAC PRO for apprentices under training (alternation between work and training)
From September 2000 to April 2007
Restaurant of the Olympic Museum in Lausanne
Head of service.
 Planning and Supervision of a 10 person team
 In charge of the operational management of the restaurant
(Individual customers, cocktails and banquets, meals for the President and members of the IOC)
 Organization and tracking of events (catering) internal and external to the Olympic Museum
 Creation and follow-up of the wine and drinks menu
 Training of employees, apprentices and trainees from the Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne
 Management and monitoring of the "drinks and wines" performance (in charge of procurement, implementation of price and sales monitoring)
Since April 2007
Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne
 Practical training of AP students
 Workshop demonstrations as part of student practice week (buckling, slicing, cutting, wine and cheese tasting, wine service, folding napkins)
 Layout of sales materials (variety of dishes and menus)
 Drafting of written explanations of dishes and menus for students
 Monitoring reservations
 In charge of the selection and procurement of cheese products
 Operational management of the restaurant

Other qualifications

  • 1988 CAP (certificat d’aptitude professionnelle) & BEP (brevet d’études professionnelles).
  • Option Service - Lycée Hôtelier La Rochelle, France.
  • 1990  BTH (brevet de technicien hôtellerie), Option restaurant - Lycée Hôtelier La Rochelle, France.
  • 1992  BTS (brevet de technicien supérieur), Option hôtellerie - Lycée Hôtelier La Rochelle, France.
  • 2011 Brevet Fédéral Chef en restauration
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