1. Please contact the METRO Innovation Chair team if you have any questions regarding our research.

  2. Christine Demen Meier is a professor of Ecole hoteliere de Lausanne, world first hospitality management school

    Dr. Christine Demen Meier

    Associate Professor - Entrepreneurship

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    Nationality: Swiss

    Teaching program(s):

    Our faculty members are an inspiration to our students and are skilled at incorporating applied research into their classes

    Mr Ian Millar

    Project Manager METRO Innovation Chair & Senior Lecturer

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    Nationality: British

    Teaching program(s):

    Caroline Guigou - Chair of Innovation

    Ms Caroline Guigou

    Scientific Collaborator of the METRO Chair of Innovation

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    Languages: French and English

    Nationality: French

    Languages: German and English

    Nationality: German

    Ms Isabelle Vetterli

    Scientific Collaborator

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    Languages: French and English

    Nationality: Swiss and American

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