Chief Asset Management Officer

After having completed his undergraduate degree in agricultural science in Paris, Maxime Medina obtained a post-graduate Business Analyst diploma in Geneva in information sciences. He further took executive courses in economics and management, in Europe, the Middle East and the United States.

Maxime Medina began his career as an IT engineer in the world of finance and private banking. Entrepreneur by nature, he set up his own business and marketed an innovative and pioneering development tool from the Israel technological universities throughout Switzerland. He then created a second company in the e-business sector.

For many years, he managed large-scale international projects, thereby gaining a great deal of practical experience in a wide variety of fields such as industrial production in the luxury industry, distribution, international NGOs, private banking, sport, energy, pharma, publishing, biotech and the public sector. He managed over 200 projects as both CEO and CTO, and was regularly called in by many companies to carry out technological and business assessments. He then drew on his experience for six years, providing active support for start-ups and launching new business activities in hi-tech companies. During this varied period, he was consulted by large firms such as the Safra group, Nestlé, Ringier, the United Nation Organization, Groupe E, the Swatch Group, Victorinox, Novartis, and cantonal authorities of Western Switzerland.

Meeting with Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne management in 2008 as a consultant, he designed and aligned all of EHL’s educational programs on the EU Bologna standards. After its completion, the institution offered him a senior position to manage cross-disciplinary projects, with the aim of introducing a new culture on how to process and manage projects at EHL.

His wide experience in this field led him to establish the Project Management Office (known as the PMO), which supervises the school’s entire strategic project portfolio. At the start of 2012, he joined the Executive Committee of EHL in his capacity of Secretary General, mainly responsible for implementing the school’s overall strategy.

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