Property Management System (PMS) is the key technology for hotels and a large source of data that can help the strategic and operational decision making of hotels. Unfortunately, as seen from previous research, PMS systems have not nearly been used to their full potential.
This study intends to show that appropriate usage of IT systems, and PMS in particular, will surely benefit the hotels. A two-step analysis is planned. Firstly, through in-depth interviews with hotel employees at all levels, this research will identify the relationship between the appropriate usage of these tools by all employees which should have received the proper training and the performance of these hotels. According to the literature, and based on communications with hotel operations managers, the most used and useful performance measures that will be used in this research are; profit margin (net income / total revenue), profit per available room (ProfPar), occupancy rate (daily percentage averaged over a time period), revenue per available room (RevPar), and customer satisfaction (% of satisfied customers and percent of repeat customers).
Secondly, a survey based on an online questionnaire will try to get information on selected hotel performance metrics and the IT usage levels (tools, training & support, utilization, integration) to identify the inter-relationships.

January 2012 – June 2013
Financial partner: HES-SO

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