EMBA students have a number of options for financial assistance consisting of loans, scholarships and payment plans.

If you are an international student from outside Switzerland, you should explore funding opportunities in your home country at the same time as applying for funding in Switzerland. Contact the relevant ministry or department of education, embassy, or commission. Additionally, some international agencies such as UNESCO, the World Bank, etc., offer scholarships.

EHL offers a limited number of partial scholarships in the form of bursaries to qualified EMBA applicants. Bursaries are offered based on academic merit, honors and awards received, references, work experience, leadership potential and motivation for hospitality. They may be offered for a portion of compulsory fees, variable costs, or a combination of both.

Payment Plans
Payments must be made before the deadlines specified on invoices. However, you may submit a written request (prior to the payment deadline) to the Finance Department for an arrangement to split the payment into installments.

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