The objective of EHL SA holding company is to define and implement the strategy for a group of separate business entities, each of which focuses on a specific business or activity. This structure enables EHL to create and develop a rationalized, coherent portfolio of specialized activities, both in Switzerland and abroad.

The structure organizes its units into three main fields: hospitality management education, which remains the core mission of EHL, international activities and the campus.

Educational entities:

  • EHL Haute Ecole, presided by Guglielmo L. Brentel: delivers university-level education or corresponding to the Swiss Universities of Applied Sciences & Arts (HES), leading to state-approved undergraduate (bachelor's) degrees, post-graduate (master's) degrees and PhDs, namely at Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne.
  • EHL Academia, presided by Dominique Seiler: delivers higher vocational studies that prepare students for entry into higher education courses in hospitality and service management amongst others.
  • SSTH, presided by André Witschi: specializes in advanced vocational education for the tourism and hotel industries.
  • EHL Hospitality Services, presided by Nathalie Seiler-Hayez: designs, produces and commercializes products and services relating to the hotel industry, such as F&B, the organization of banquets and events, as well as maintenance and reception services. These services are mainly aimed at students’ activities within their curriculum, living on campus.

International activities:

  • Lausanne Hospitality Consulting (LHC), presided by Ernst A. Brugger: focuses on executive education and consulting related to the following industries: hotel, hospitality, catering, tourism, healthcare, outsourcing and other service sectors that rely on important human resources. LHC showcases the EHL expertise and knowledge all over the world, especially in Asia where LHC recently opened an office in Beijing.  


  • EHL Real Estate, presided by Guglielmo L. Brentel: encompasses activities relating to the acquisition, renovation and management of real estate and will, for example, be involved in the development of the new EHL campus.

The EHL SA holding company, through its Board of Directors, defines the group strategy based on the vision defined by the Board of Governors.

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