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Dr. Stéphanie Pougnet

Assistant Professor - Human Resources

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Nationality: French

Teaching program(s):

Academic level

Ph. D. in Management Sciences, Grenoble University, France

Main publications


Research and teaching in management should consistently meet the needs of both the education’s sphere and the work’s sphere, and indeed make them match.
With this ambition in mind, I have been teaching and practicing management for more than 16 years in universities and business schools and more recently at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, School of Hotel and Tourism Management, as well as in mass-retailing, energy and restaurant companies. Continuously fostering my students’ employability, some of my pedagogical missions resulted in the development of a system of accreditation for prior experience, portfolio approaches, and MASTER programs. For my Ph. D. Thesis dedicated to the impact of apprenticeship systems on companies’ performance, I interviewed hundreds of actors responsible for solving education-employment related issues, before I studied 12 company cases and implemented management experiments in 4 of them. Stemming from that research, a book was published in 2012 (Dunod Editor), in which employers find recipes to attract, develop and retain talent.
My research foci are the impact of school-work relationships on companies’ performance, the impact of innovative management strategies on Millennials’ employability, and staff selection and retention practices aiming at human capital performance. Having worked for companies in the service sector and in the energy business, I have always had an interest in entrepreneurship and thus co-founded www.sportmania.ch a Swiss online shop selling sport goods. As for the future, I still aim to nurture my students’ eye of the tiger and fire of the dragon.

Other qualifications

  • DEA - Post-graduate Diploma - Research in Management Sciences - From Lyon University and Lyon Business School (France) HES-SO Certificate

Research areas

  • HR Value creation
  • Innovative recruitment processes
  • Talent retention
  • Employability management
  • Education work relationship

Current research

  • Among other current research projects, my study on the impact of internships matters on companies performance is in its final stage. It is notably based upon the analysis of hotel and restaurant companies located in France and China.
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