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Dr. Sean A. Way

LHRC fellow

Associate Professor - Human Resource Management

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Selected publications


Sean A. Way, Ph.D. is an Associate Professor of Human Resource Management. Sean’s current research focuses on a number of strategic human resource management topics, including the explanation and illustration of the effects (and contingent effects) of human resource management systems, human resource flexibility, service climate, work-family balance, contingent workers and workforce mixing strategies on the performance and effectiveness of organizations and their employees. Sean’s research has been published in diverse outlets including Journal of Management, Personnel Psychology, Human Resource Management Review, Cornell Hospitality Quarterly, International Journal of Hospitality Management, Human Resource Management, and Journal of Small Business and Entrepreneurship. Sean has won notable research awards including the 2006 Ralph Alexander Best Dissertation Award (Human Resources Division, Academy of Management) and 2010 Cornell Hospitality Quarterly Best Article Award.

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