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Dr. Peter Varga

Assistant Professor - Sociology

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Nationality: Hungarian, French

Teaching program(s):

Main publications


2008 -  Professor, Ecole Hôtelière Lausanne, Switzerland: Develops and conducts courses in the area of Social Sciences and Tourism for Bachelor of Science students. Carries out HES research in the area of Intercultural Competences in Hospitality.
2006-2007- European Tour Manager, Backroads International, Berkeley, United States of America Researched and organized luxury and active-vacation tours in Europe and Latin America. Established and maintains contacts with hotels, restaurants and tourism subcontractors. Led outdoor adventure, biking and multisport, trips in Europe and Latin America
2005 Lecturer in alternative tourism studies, University of Guadalajara, Mexico                      Coordinated sustainable economic programmes for community development                                   Gave conferences about the ‘paradigms of alternative tourism’ as a recent objective for sustainable development among local communities                                                                                             Cooperated to BA program curriculum development in alternative tourism studies

Other qualifications

  •  1997-98 Master of Arts in Sociology with an emphasis in Economy and Society, University of Lancaster, England    
  • 1991-95 Bachelor of Arts in Business Studies, Oxford Brookes University, England

Research areas

  • Hospitality and intercultural service encounters
  • Tourism development and sustainability
  • Anthropology and tourism, impacts and benefits, host and guests relationships

Past research

  • Tourism impacts in Amazonian communities. A study in the field of anthropology of tourism: 2001-2007

Current research

  • Intercultural Competences in Service Encounters – HES project since November 2012.  (in collaboration with Stefano Losa)
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