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Dr. Maribel Fehlmann

Senior Lecturer - Academic writing/Communication

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Nationality: Swiss, Spanish

Teaching program(s):

Academic level

PhD in Anthropological Linguistics, University of Lausanne, Switzerland

Main publications


Maribel Fehlmann taught several general linguistics courses at the faculty of Arts, University of Lausanne (2005-2011). She also served as Deputy Academic Director of an American study abroad program in Nyon, in the field of global health and development policy. In this context, she set up and taught a course on research methodology and ethics, as well as different courses and thematic seminars on global health and development.

An important part of her time was devoted to the follow-up of the students’ research papers. Apart from these academic experiences, M. Fehlmann also gained a strong field-based experience in teaching French as a foreign language to asylum seekers on the one hand, and to EHL students on the other, which enabled her to deepen her theoretical and practical knowledge of interculturality.

Areas of interest:

- Linguistics

- Interculturality

- Communication

- Languages


M. Fehlmann has served as an expert in the fide project, which has been commissioned by the FOM (Federal Office for Migration) in order to promote the linguistic integration of migrants (http://www.fide-info.ch/fr/fide).

Other qualifications

  • PhD in Anthropological Linguistics, University of Lausanne, Switzerland

Research awards

  • Faculty Award, faculty of Arts, Department of General Linguistics, University of Lausanne, 2006
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