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Dr. Claudio Sfreddo

Visiting Professor - Economics

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Nationality: Swiss, Italian

Teaching program(s):

Main publications


Claudio Sfreddo obtained his Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Geneva in 2001. He has taught economics, mainly at an undergraduate level, at the Universities of Geneva and Lausanne since 1995, and at EHL since 2003. Although his activities are mainly related to teaching, he has conducted several studies on behalf of the Swiss Confederation, the Swiss cantonal statistical offices, the European Commission and the World Bank, among others.
Driven by a strong interest in quantitative analysis, he has explored questions related to the construction of macroeconomic performance indicators and to the influence of the economic environment on the performance of specific sectors.
Moreover he has successfully applied the principles and techniques of productivity analysis to the analysis of the relationship between language and economic phenomena, thus contributing to the expanding field of language economics.

Other qualifications

  • Master in Economics and Finance, University of Geneva
  • Bachelor in Management, University of Lausanne

Research areas

  • Short-term macroeconomic analysis, language economics, economic forecasting
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