You will need the following documents to complete your online application for our bachelor's degree program in hospitality management:

1. A copy of your secondary school diploma
If you are in your final year of secondary school and have not yet received your diploma, you may apply for conditional acceptance based on your grades to date. You must submit your final exam results and a copy of your diploma as soon as you have them. 

If your application is successful, you will need to bring your original diploma and exam results with you on your first day at EHL. These official documents are needed to register in the Swiss university system; they will be examined and approved by the Swiss authorities. 

2. Transcripts for your last three years of secondary education 
The transcripts must show the courses you have taken and the grades you received. If you have attended university since leaving secondary school, you must submit your university certificates and/or transcripts, as well. Projected grades are required for International Baccalaureate, British A-level and French Baccalauréat candidates who have not received their diplomas before the application deadline. 

Translation of credentials
All certificates and transcripts that are not in English, French, German or Italian must be translated into English or French by a certified translator. The translation should be accompanied by comprehensive information on the school or university attended and an explanation of the grading and assessment system.

Submission of academic documents
All these documents must be submitted electronically via the online application form, except for the original copy of your secondary school diploma, which you should bring with you on your first day at EHL. The school reserves the right to ask for original copies of the above-listed documents at any time during the admission process.

3. Essay
The essay is an important part of your application. It is an opportunity for you to showcase your strengths, motivation and interests.   

Your essay should be typed and double-spaced, and it should not exceed two pages of A4 paper in length. 

Topics (choose one):

  • At EHL, students can pursue a multidimensional undergraduate experience both on and off campus. Given the opportunities offered at EHL, please discuss your current interests, including academic or extracurricular pursuits, personal passions and summer experiences, and how you will build upon them here. What do you want to achieve both academically and personally at EHL ?
  • You must choose nine ingredients to add to your ‘recipe for success’ for a dynamic career in international hospitality management: three ingredients from your past experiences, three from your present motivations, and three from your future accomplishments as an EHL student. What would these ingredients be, and how will they contribute to a "five-star career"?
  • It is your first day at EHL and you have to introduce yourself to the future leaders of the hospitality industry. What would you say to them? 

Your essay will tell us a great deal about you, and it will also enable us to assess your analytical skills and determine whether you can organize your thoughts and express them clearly.  We expect you to produce an interesting personal account for your selected topic. 

Please remember to add your name and the topic you have chosen at the top of the first page.

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