1. Our School, with the help and support of several committees, offers you a chance to develop your personal and professional skills, organize large events on campus and take part in various international competitions.

    You can also become an EHL ambassador and welcome visitors to the School, or take part in the selection of future students, alongside the EHL Admissions team.

  2. Introduction Week 

    EHL has designed a special introduction week to help introduce new students to their community. The introduction week also gives them practical information about the school and Switzerland in general through a personalized program given on their arrival day. The first day is set aside for settling in and taking care of administrative necessities. The other days include academic sessions, teambuilding and fun activities organized by the Intro Assistants. New students will get to meet new friends and know the EHL campus in depth, with tours, presentations, awareness workshops and more.

    They should be prepared for an intense program with days starting early in the morning and running until late into the evening. We work hard to ensure introduction week is enjoyable as it plays an integral part of the first term on campus but we also want to ensure that EHL values are respected.


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