1. At EHL Photo, we are passionate about photography and strive to make your time at EHL memorable through photos as well as improving our skills and engaging in creative activities.  

    We capture memories.

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  2. Pinceau Doré is a foundation created by a group of EHL students who want to make the best of the opportunities we have to create happiness in the lives of people who are less fortunate and who face struggles in their everyday lives. We organize events and activities for these people, often bringing together artistic and musical talent in order to both entertain them and share our passions.

  3. The Like Eat committee is about students who are passionate about gastronomy and want to share their enthusiasm through diverse, delicious and fun events, workshops and tastings. 

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  4. We Wine aims to introduce the future hospitality leaders to the art of wine tasting. Our events are great fun and offer a fantastic opportuntiy to discover the diversity and quality of local and foreign wines, as well as helping students to become ambassadors of local Swiss wines.

  5. In the heart of the Ecole Hotelière de Lausanne, amongst the corporate and hospitality identities, lies an exclusive gathering of talented musicians from all disciplines providing and promoting Music as an art. We provide our musicians with useful information related to the music industry, music performance and allow them to take their skills to a new level.

  6. The mission of the Arts Committee is to encourage the arts and culture at EHL through both internal and external events.

    The Arts Committee promotes all kind of arts, whether it is painting, poetry, dancing, theatre, cinema, opera or music. Our main event of the year is “EHL's Got Talent”, which brings on stage talented students (dancers, musicians, singers, etc.) in front of a jury and a huge audience. This event and the competition is open to anyone who believes they have a talent to share.

  7. The Student Voice is a publication made by the Students which contains news, trends and other topics which relate either directly or indirectly to student life in EHL.

  8. The Yearbook Committee is the Committee responsible for the creation and development of the Yearbook.


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