Throughout the School, over 400 members of staff contribute to the education of talented young students in view of promising careers in hospitality management.

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  1. EHL’s vibrant campus is a unique hub where passionate students, distinguished academia and industry experts come together from 100+ different countries with a common goal: to develop and spread hospitality knowledge, while supporting the continued growth of the industry.

    We continuously strive to enhance the working environment and personal development opportunities for our 400+ colleagues, among the most recognized experts of their respective fields. Thanks to their professionalism and drive, EHL has been the world’s leading hospitality management school since its creation in 1893. We are committed to our values of respect, openness, responsibility, excellence and innovation, and we pledge to apply them in tangible and meaningful ways.

  2. For spontaneous applications, please send us your application file via email. 

  3. Our core values inspire the daily behavior and actions of our staff and students. These principles exemplify the EHL spirit.

    The notion of respect is at the heart of our community’s values and actions — respect for our institution, its members, and our environment. Respect is the foundation of the spirit that we expect our students and staff to demonstrate at all times.

    Responsibility is the way in which we approach our teaching and mission as an employer. Our role is to train tomorrow’s senior managers — managers who are responsible and mindful of the surrounding world and who know how to combine ethics with business.

    We are engaged in a constant quest for perfection. That is how we see our teaching responsibilities and our role as an employer. This perfection will make the students we have today the great hoteliers and managers of tomorrow: demanding, attentive to detail and to the quality of their clients’ experience and their results.

    For EHL, openness means being capable of reconciling tradition with innovation, multiculturalism with local roots, the emotional with the rational, and durability with dynamism.

    The spirit of innovation is the conviction that tomorrow has yet to be invented. Within our community we develop the courage to experiment with new ideas and to tackle uncertainty enthusiastically and optimistically.

  4. Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne strives to be a first-choice employer and a reference leader. Our continued excellence directly depends on the exceptional performance of our employees in all areas. Their contributions to our success must be recognized and rewarded.

    Serving a variety of necessary functions on campus, including teaching, hospitality, food and beverage service, marketing, finance and information technology, EHL staff members are essential to our organization. In an effort to provide a pleasant working environment, we offer a range of attractive staff benefits, including free meals, quality sports facilities such as tennis courts, a gym and fitness classes, and seven weeks of vacation per year.

    As an academic institution, we are committed to investing in staff development by offering an array of learning opportunities both within and outside the workplace.

    We apply our values of excellence, responsibility, respect, innovation and openness in our attractive compensation policy and our approach to our employees’ service.


  5. 2014 – EHL won the Jury’s Choice Award for Professional Integration

    Prix de l’intégration professionnelle

    We believe that different backgrounds, experience and viewpoints contribute to our success. We promote diversity throughout our institution and encourage a dialogue based on respect among all staff members.

    A variety of internal programs help make this vision a reality and provide tangible results that benefit our individual employees as well as the organization as a whole.


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