Publications by EHL’s professors and experts constitute a series of works dedicated to hospitality. Beyond fundamental topics such as strategy, marketing and human resources, some of them are focused on operations, innovation, entrepreneurship, design and new technologies.

Publications in English:

  • Real estate finance in India, by Prashant Das and Divyanshu Sharma: The book offers a concise yet comprehensive understanding of real estate finance in India, focusing on functioning, instruments, and decision analysis related to home loans and residential mortgage banking. These themes are also extended to commercial real estate borrowing and secondary markets. Learn more
  • Risk-Based and Factor Investing, by Emmanuel Jurczenko: This book is a compilation of recent articles written by leading academics and practitioners in the area of risk-based and factor investing (RBFI). The articles are intended to introduce readers to some of the latest, cutting-edge research encountered by academics and professionals dealing with RBFI solutions. Together the authors detail both alternative non-return based portfolio construction techniques and investing style risk premia strategies. Read more
  • The Physician, the Drinker and the Drunk: Wine’s Uses and Abuses in Late Medieval Natural Philosophy, by Dr. Azélina Jaboulet-Vercherre: This book traces a history of wine drinking, relying mainly on French and Italian natural philosophical sources, with a special focus on the late Middle Ages. Professor Jaboulet-Vercherre examines and illuminates the disparate - and often conflicting - opinions of writers on wine with respect to both the preservation and restoration of health and the quest for pleasure. She also explores their analyses of wine's potentially dangerous impacts. Learn more
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